Programs and Services


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The MMC-CAST Guidance Office exists to render services to the school community. To be able to make the services more effective, the Guidance Office feels the necessity to share important points with the community regarding the nature and purpose of guidance.

It is hope nonetheless, that everyone involved in the educational process will get motivated to utilize the services more than ever, for the general welfare of the students.


To help the counselee understand and clarify his view of his life space, so that he may make meaningful choices or to help the essentially normal person cope with his frustration and obstacles that interfere with development.


To predict  future performance, to obtain a measure of ability, achievement and or other characteristics ( that will offer a solid basis upon which individuals can make decision), to diagnose student problems and to diagnose student learning difficulties.

Research Development and Evaluation

Program implemented to provide the administrators of the school with objective information which may be used in addressing the need for improving the school system through the use of action researches and other institutionalized studies and evaluation.


Primarily to  help students with their new environment, to acquaint students in general, with ideals, philosophy, objectives, mission statement and policies of MMC-CAST, to clarify some revisions and amendments concerning rules and regulations, to remind students and parents of their duties and obligations and to enable them to utilize the school services.

Individual Inventory

To provide those concerned with basic information that will describe the students for guidance and educational planning.

Career Guidance

To help students be aware of his self-concept, abilities, aptitudes, interests, values, style of life, and the needs of society, necessary for wise career decision-making.


To help in carrying out the admission policies and procedures for proper entrance of applicants with desired qualifications, through administration of tests, submission of results and recommendations.


To encourage students in considering the courses carefully which will be most beneficial to them to assist them accomplish needed requirements for transfer to other colleges and then help them acquire more information concerning scholarships and other educational opportunities.

Follow Up

To help and supervise the student to cope up and adjust to impede problems in the future. The compiled information should be made available to the administration.


To develop the sense of awareness of the students on mental health, its preservation and effects.


To encourage student who can't personally approach the counselors to share their thoughts, ideas or problems through internet-based sites.