Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (BSPT) is five-year degree program that equips students to possess the necessary competencies for the practice of Physical Therapy here and abroad. Students will be trained to provide health care and physiotherapy services to individuals having the aim to develop, maintain, promote and re-establish optimum mobility performance. Our BSPT program adheres to the world’s standards of *restoring function and movement, the central to what it means to be healthy. The program will also feature *identifying and maximizing quality of life within the spheres of promotion, prevention, treatment /intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation.   (*

  • Ultimate health care provider
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • Quality education
  • Australian Trade Training College linkage

Career Opportunities

  • Clinical Manager or Supervisor in different areas of specialization (pediatric cases, neurologic cases, orthopedic cases, sports-related cases, geriatric cases, surgical cases, rheumatologic cases, cardio-pulmonary cases, metabolic cases)
  • Industry and Workplace Physiotherapist
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Human Movement Educators
  • Health Researcher specializing in movement and physical health
  • Public health practitioner and administrators

Admission Process

  • Visit the Admission Office. (For new students, transferees and scholarship program application).
  • Fill out E2E slip and application form.
  • Pass the general admission exam.(Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, Saturday by schedule).
  • For admission requirements, visit