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Several MHSN and MHCN alumni have been formed informally according to batches of classes in the past years but on January 2008 the pioneer batch, 1979 recognized the unique and exceptional atmosphere the school fostered, not only its physical beauty, but also with its sense of camaraderie that encourages life-long relationships. It was in this setting that a small group of alumni, dean and faculty members gathered to form the Metropolitan Hospital College of Nursing Alumni Association and drafted its constitution with 11 Board of Trustees.

Metropolitan Hospital College of Nursing Alumni Association Incorporation was officially recognized by the Security and Exchange Commission on October 9, 2008.

Its first alumni project: “Pabingo ng Alumni 2009” launched on September 18, 2009 was fun-filled and fruitful. A grand alumni Homecoming followed on November 11, 2011 it was attended by about 100 alumni and the founding Dean Jovencia P. Creus.

Committed faithful to the mission and vision of the institution, the association continues to build and strengthen the relationship between the College and its alumni. It strives to keep all MHCN alumni passionate about their education here at MHCN now called the Metropolitan Medical Center College of Arts, Science and Technology.


The mission of MHCNAAI is to aid in the development of Metropolitan Hospital College of Nursing by securing the knowledge, skills, and loyalty of its alumni; communicating and interpreting the goals and achievements of the College to others; and promoting a spirit of unity and loyalty among current and former students and friends.


The Association seeks to accomplish its mission by working to:

  1. Provide an organizational framework to strengthen alumni ties and loyalty to the College.
  2. Strengthen the reputation of the College by communicating to others the excellence of its programs and the achievements of its alumni, students and faculty.
  3. Provide appropriate opportunities for alumni to advocate for the College on issues of importance.
  4. Provide opportunities for alumni leadership and involvement through service, financial.
  5. Provide opportunities for alumni leadership and involvement through service, financial support, student recruitment and mentoring.
  6. Offer opportunities for alumni to participate in activities of the College community and in programs that will provide personal and professional growth.
  7. When sought for, shall serve as an advisory body to College.


MHCNAAI envisions a vibrant, dynamic and diverse organization working for an advancement of Metropolitan Hospital College of Nursing and its alumni both in the local and international field of health care profession.

2013 - 2014