Admission Procedure


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Online Application

* Online Application (click the online application under Admission and fill in info asked)

Examination Result

* MMC CAST Entrance Exam ( deferred at the moment)


Qualified applicants will submit the complete requirements to the Admission Office listed below.

  • PSA Birth Certificate (Original)
  • Form 138 or Grade 12 Report Card (for incoming freshman)
  • Certificate of Grades or Transcript of Records (for Transferee & Second Courser)
  • Honorable Dismissal (for Transferee & Second Courser)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • 2”x2” recent ID pictures (2 copies)
  • One long brown envelope

Medical Exam

* Medical Examination (deferred at the moment)

Enrollment (Online or On site)

* Registrar's Office will check the Admission requirements of the student. Once complete, they will
proceed to the Enrollment proper such as Assessment, Payment of Tuition Fees and Issuance of Registration Forms.