Doctor of Medicine


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To be the leading educational institution that provides medical practitioners committed to public health service and delivery, equipped with excellent, relevant and ethical training that meets the rising challenges to medical education and emerging health needs.


Produce Medical Professionals who are:

  1. equipped with the highest standards of medical and surgical skills dedicated to serve the community and nation;
  2. proficient in imparting knowledge, skills and values to fellow and future colleagues;
  3. trained in the  assessment and monitoring of the health needs of communities and populations;
  4. committed in the formulation and evaluation of public policies  identifying and addressing local and national health problems and priorities;
  5. attuned towards ensuring  optimum delivery and utilization of appropriate and cost-effective care, including health promotion and disease prevention services;
  6. competent to embark and achieve innovative, practical and utilizable investigative studies that will improve health care quality and delivery.



            To ensure the achievement of the vision/mission of the College of Medicine, enrolment will be limited to 80 students.

            Applicants will be carefully screened by a Committee on Admission composed of three Department Chairpersons as appointed by the Dean.  Screening will take into consideration the applicant’s scholastic records, NMAT score, and personal interview. 


  1. Holder of any Bachelor’s Degree in Science or Arts conferred by a duly recognized educational institution.
  2. An NMAT score of at least 40.
  3. General weighted average of at least 2.50 or its equivalent.



  1. Proceed to the Dean’s Office College of Medicine, Room 1009, Medical Arts Building (beside the Metropolitan Medical Center) for initial evaluation.
  2. Pay the application and processing fee at the College’s Cashier
  3. Present the official receipt to the Dean’s Office and secure the application for admission form.
  4. Submit the completely accomplished application form, together with the following to the Committee on Admission for evaluation:
    1. Two (2) copies of the official Transcript or Scholastic Record of the degree obtained from the school attended;
    2. Authenticated copy of College Diploma or Certificate of Graduation from the Registrar’s office of the last school attended,
    3. Photo copy of NMAT certificate (less than 2 years old)
    4. Certified copy of Birth certificate from the National Statistics Office, with documentary stamp,
    5. Certificate of good moral character from two heads or professors in college,
    6. Three (3) recent photographs 2.5 x 2.5, with applicant’s name printed at the back.
  5. Admitted applicants will be officially notified and can only enroll after passing a complete physical examination.


The Committee for Admissions will have the following functions:


  1. Evaluate the completeness and screen the authenticity of the required documents for application for admission.
  2. Rank the applicants based on the following  criteria:
    1. NMAT SCORE ……………………………..40%
    2. GWA ……………………..………………… 50%
    3. Interview ……………………………………10%
  3. Recommend to the Dean the list of admitted applicants according to ranking. Only students with a total score of 75% or higher will be considered for admission.


All newly accepted students to the College of Medicine will proceed as follows:

  1. Submit to the Registrar’s office the following:
  2. The application for admission form duly approved by the Dean.
  3. Original copy of NMAT result
  4. Transfer Credential Certificate issued by the school from where  the student graduated from or last attended (official Transcript of Records is expected to be sent by the school from where the Baccalaureate degree was obtained or from school last attended by the student within 30 days from start of classes)
  5. Secure Certificate of Matriculation from the Registrar’s office
  6. Assessment of school fees
  7. Payment of tuition fees and other charges to the cashier upon presentation of the COM
  8. Secure school ID  & Student Handbook
  9. Get official schedule from the Dean’s Office



Summa Cum Laude graduates will get a 100% scholarship (Tuition) and will pay only the Laboratory and Miscellaneous fees

Magna   Cum Laude graduates will get 75% scholarship (Tuition) and will pay only 25% of tuition, laboratory and miscellaneous fees

Cum Laude graduates will get 50% scholarship (Tuition) and will pay only 50% of tuition, laboratory and miscellaneous fees



Full Go Tong: The accepted applicant must have a General Weighted Average of 1.75 or higher and an NMAT score of 90 or higher. He/she will pay only the miscellaneous fees. This is applicable to the four-year program provided, he/she maintains a grade average of 2.00 with no grade below 2.00. Deadline for the submission of application is end of May. Only three slots are offered.

Partial Go Tong: The applicant is accepted based on his/her parents or guardians latest ITR and after an evaluation of his/her letter of application. He/she will pay only 65% of the tuition and laboratory fees. The miscellaneous fees will be paid in full. This is applicable to the four-year program provided, he/she maintains a grade average of 2.50 with no grade below 2.50. Deadline for submission of application is end of June. Only seven slot are offered.


  1. Students with full load in the evaluated semester with a General Weighted Average of 1.5 or better will get a 100% scholarship (Tuition) and will pay only the Laboratory and Miscellaneous fees
  2. Students with full load in the evaluated semester with a General Weighted Average of 1.51 – 1.75 will get a 50% scholarship (Tuition) and will pay only 50% of tuition, Laboratory and Miscellaneous fees



Five percent of the total number of enrollees will be allotted full scholarships (tuition and laboratory fees) of students who have passed all academic requirements and have been recommended by partner communities with a 1:1 ratio of years of scholarship to return community service.



Candidates for graduation must have:

  1. Passed the number of units for the course as prescribed by the college under the authority of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).
  2. Satisfactorily completed junior internship work for 52 weeks in the Metropolitan Medical Center and other teaching hospitals.
  3. Filed an application for graduation with the Registrar’s Office.
  4. Passed the Revalida examinations.
  5. Secured clearance from the accounting department.
  6. Presented to the Registrar’s Office a completely signed Clearance Form.



Summa cum Laude (with highest honors). A general weighted average of 1.25 or better in all academic subjects and with no grade lower than 2.25 in any academic subject.

Magna cum Laude (with high honors).A general weighted average of 1.50 or better in all academic subjects and with no grade lower than 2.50 in any academic subject.

Cum Laude (with honors).A general weighted average of 1.75 or better in all academic subjects and with no grade lower than 2.75 in any academic subject.


The curriculum is designed to meet the changing needs of the medical health care systems and is aligned to deliver quality education to the learners of the 21st century. Program outcomes were identified based on what the doctors should be doing, how should they approach the practice of medicine in the right way, and how will they serve the community to deliver public health care.

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